Thika Sports Club


How To Apply

  1. The Candidate must be proposed and seconded by full members of not less than two years standing.
  2. The application must be supported by five full members
  3. The Candidate must be introduced personally, by the proposer, to ten Executive Committee members before their signatures may be requested.
  4. Children of a Family member, who are under the age of 21 years, must pay Junior Membership if they wish to participate in golf competitions.  This will also include the KGU Fee.
  5. After compiling with all the above the form is pinned on the notice board for 30 days for general membership comments. Meanwhile the new applicant is allowed to use the club facilities.

Thika Sports Club Entry Fees

Family membership Kshs 275,000
Single parent Kshs 225,000
Single membership Kshs 180,000
Corporate membership(1-5 Members) Kshs 300 ,000

We have the following membership categories where by the annual subscriptions are as follows;

  • Family –  kshs 20,000/=
  • Single parent – kshs 18,000/=
  • Single – kshs 15,000 /=
  • Up country member – kshs  5,500/=
  • Junior fee-kshs 2,500/=
  • Absentee Membership 5,000/=


  • KGU/KLGU fee – kshs  2000
  • Locker Rent – kshs 500


The club boasts various categories of membership that cut across the divine to suit any resident or distinguished visitors in  Kenya. The main categories being: –

Family This holds the whole family that includes husband, wife and children up to age of 21 years
Single Parents Single lady or gentleman and children
Single One person only, with family members and friends as guests
Corporate Introduced by a corporate organization